Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kagame Saved By Dutch Weather

Kagame should thank the Dutch weather committee this week. Rwandans living in the Netherlands protested at the Dutch parliament as several blogs reported:
"As it is raining ... most of them are gone," said Rwandan, Lin Muyizere, one of the protesters. He said there were easily seventy people or perhaps even eighty. “Now we are only a small forty…”
As we have seen during the election campaign in Gabon, African diaspora voiced their opinion in Paris and Washington DC, hoping for some outside support to their opposition candidates. Europeans and Americans will consider these protests as some "far from my bed show" (translated Dutch expression). Great Lakes politics is such a mess, who to turn to for an impartial and balanced analysis?

Looking back at the Gabonese election process I consider Bernard Oyama to have the most balanced approach. He anticipated the inevitable Bongo victory and used his campaign to promote his fashionable clothing shop in Harlem New York.

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