Friday, April 16, 2010

Kagame Meets Bloggers In Edmond Oklahoma "Tea Party" Setting

Paul Kagame invites bloggers and great lakes researchers from across the US for a Tea Party like event in Oklahoma. For just an afternoon Edmond OK will be at the heart of the Great Lakes political "tornado season". Don't miss it!!!!

Payne Activity Center at the Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond Oklahoma: April 30, 2 Pm.
A great opportunity considering the fact that  Lawyer Kurt Kerns from Witchita Kansas (two hours drive from Edmond Oklahoma), has been on a fact finding mission, trekking through Tanzania, Congo and Burundi, visiting refugee camps to find witnesses that can prove 83-year-old Lazare Kobagaya  from Kansas did not participate in mass killings during the genocide in Rwanda and that he is falsely being accused by Kagame's regime.

Great opportunity also for researchers and bloggers that don't have the time to travel across Africa like the experts Jason Stearns  (former UN Expert) and  (wannabe UN expert) Nicholas Vysny (China refused, probably because he didn't have a blog like Jason),

Thanks to the muzungu guide to the universe we get an idea of Nicholas Vysny's work:
The Congo, like Somalia, is what poliscientists call a “failed state”…i’m you sure you all know but there’s LITERALLY no rule or law or government and of course no stability. His lecture really put into perspective the rwandan genocide in the context of the crises of the Great Lakes Region, an area that has been through atrocity after atrocity for the past many years. After the RPF invaded Rwanda in october of 1990, and defeated the government to stop the genocide at the end of the summero f 1994, allied with Uganda in 1996, they invaded the congo (Zaire at the time… which means “authenticity”..Mobutu rejected anything western including banning certain styles of dress) to overthrow Mobuto—who supported Hutu Power. They instated Laurent Kabila who they hoped would be a fruitful leader..alas like so many other corrupt and greedy people put into a position of power, he did not turn out to be much better than Mobutu . In terms of its relationship to rwanda, it was mainly Tutsis who were fighting in the allied rebel forces to defeat Mobutu. The RPF is alleged to have committed mass atrocities throughout the Congo , including mass killings of Hutu refugees along the border towns of Congo and Rwanda . In 1997 Kabila completely turned against his Rwandan allies and rejected the Tutsis who had fought with him to try and restore some form of control in the Congo. This paved the way for the Second Congolese War, which people call Africa’s World War…considering it’s called this it’s remarkable how few people actually paid attentiona nd continue to pay attention to what is going on in...
So for bloggers, researchers and other US citizens who don't have the time or money to travel across Africa and would like  to ask Paul Kagame some questions, don't despair.He is coming to town!

He has invited all bloggers from across the mid west and beyond to sit down and have a tea party event in which he will openly discuss the concerns that have risen concerning human rights violations, the killings of hundreds of thousands of hutu refugees by the RPF in Congo, the lack of democracy in Rwanda. The closing down of free press and the killing and disappearance of opposition figures.

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