Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jared Cohen Should Be Tweeting...

Anna Gueye my new twitter friend found a very valuable interview (in french) with a Rwandan journalist and documentary maker living in Canada, François Bugingo (That's what Jared Cohen should be tweeting). He gives a very balanced explanation of Rwandan politics today. Allthough it's in French, I would like to point you to the story online "Rwanda, the war that won't die" (which is also the title of his documentary) and the interview on youtube.

I especially appreciated his remarks about the contribution of the diaspora to the debate on Rwandan politics and Rwandan history. I have so often read derogatory remarks on what the diaspora writes about Rwandan politics. It's very rare to hear someone talk with so much respect and love for his country and the Rwandan diaspora.

In the meantime Victoire Ingabire is arrested and the same day Jared Cohen starts some #RememberRwanda campaign on twitter (a coincidence?). Jared Cohen is a Member of Secretary Clinton's Policy Planning Staff who
"has become a specialist in the use of technology to advance American interests throughout the world. During June 2009 he intervened to keep the Twitter network online, delaying scheduled engineering work, so that supporters of the Iranian opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, favoured by the U.S., could continue using the network to plan anti-government activities ""(wikipidia)"
I tweeted him:
interesting timing of your #RememberRwanda tweet, while ignoring solid facts concering Kagame's massive Killings in Congo
To which he tweeted back:
@coloredopinions to look at remembrance as a zero-sum game with other events in the world is a very dangerous line to take.
I can understand the desire for oversimplification of history in US Government circles. Their desire to ignore or minimize the crimes that were committed by Paul Kagame's soldiers inside the Congo (and before that in Rwanda). The role of the State Department in the great lakes region could also be put into question at some point in the near future. And it could be indeed a very dangerous line for some people who work or who have worked at the Pentagon once we understand why investigation of RPF crimes in the great lakes region has consistently been hampered by the US administration.

Jared Cohen has apparently been appointed by the State Department as high priest of the use of new technology in advancing US interests. He seems to have translated this as him tweeting on our behalf. So if you have any advice on what he should be tweeting about in the near future, write it down below or send him a tweet...

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