Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jared Cohen Meets Paul Kagame: Strategy Or Tactics?

John Jantsch of Duc Tape Marketing writes
"See, here’s what I’ve discovered over the years of working with small business. Most strategy is guessing and while you need to start there, your strategy isn’t worth much until you get out there and throw some tactics at it, listen to the real world and and then change your strategy to meet reality. If you sit around trying to create reality in your garage you’ll never be right."

Last week Jared Cohen has started a #rememberrwanda campaign on twitter. I was wondering what this member of the Clinton policy planning staff was working on, trying to figure out what his objectives were. Today we read on twitter that he met Paul Kagame in New York:
"President Kagame and I talked about importance of translating Rwanda's domestic innovation into a leadership role on the continent"

Every one knows Paul Kagame's objectives. He is making sure he stays in power. But what are Jared Cohen's objectives? Is he just playing around at the policy planning staff, or has his twittered meeting with Paul Kagame some strategic meaning. One of his predecessors at the policy planning staff Zbigniew Brzezinski said once "The purpose of planning policy is to fuse thought with action. That imperative guides us today". Sofar it seems Jared Cohen is working on the "Kagame apology" strategy which will make sure the US administration won't lose face in the eyes of public opinion while it continues it's uncritical diplomatic support to an autocratic dictator in central africa (who will soon be implicated by a UN report on the hutu counter genocide in Congo) during the last months in the run up to the august elections.

The more I think about it, the more Jared Cohen and Paul Kagame having dinner together starts to look like two guys "sitting around trying to create reality in their garage". Sooner or later reality will catch up with both, in the meantime I encourage all great lakes bloggers to continue to throw some more tactis at it. Continue collaborating, continue linking, continue blogging while following the courageous example of the Congo girl in New York who got up at the Tribeca Film Festival and
"asked Kagame about the genocide in the Congo."
"He (Paul Kagame) said he didn't know."

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