Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Times In Great Lakes Blogosphere

The online heated and lively debate surrounding the elections in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo is continuous illustration of Adam Singer's wisdom: "Why You Need Enemies"

This week we witnessed the "coming out" of Laura Seay, assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College, as author behind the increasingly succesfull blog texasinafrica.

We witnessed Keith Harmon Snow and Jason Stearns getting into a fierce online guerilla on how great lakes blogging should be done.

In the meantime a simmering source of heated debate is brewing over "Mbandaka".

Strategy and timing are everything when you pick a fight, you got to know when to release your "Basenji's" ,  but you also got to know when to "stock your diamonds into a vault." as Terrierman's explains on his wonderfull post "Basenji's, Diamonds and Magic Meat":

Almost everything the diamond industry tells us about their product is a lie. For one thing, diamonds are not particularly rare. They are found all over the world  (just as Basenji's) and in such quantities that the only way the diamond cartel can keep prices up is by putting more than 70 percent of all diamond production into a vault.

The online consensus (I can feel it) seems to be that the biggest threat to Kagame's rule now comes from Nkunda supporters within RPF ranks (with some friends you don't need ennemies, Paul). Have we been overlooking the Mushakipager blog by Antoinette Kankindi as paradoxically the most effective anti-Kagame new media initiative after all?

In the meantime if you are in the "Big Apple" take a look at Sammy Baloji, who was born in Katanga, "photomontages and stark photographic renderings vividly depict “The Beautiful Times in Katanga” the coming week @ Sidney Mishkin Gallery (I hope he didn't leave out the bad and the ugly as for instance the ethnic war against the Baluba's from Kasai in the nineties).

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