Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Umuseso Editor Didas Gasana grilled by Rwandan Police

Didas Gasana, Editor of Kinyarwanda language newspaper Umuseso, now banned by Rwanda's High Media Council. 

On Monday, 04.27.2010, Police detectives in Kigali, Rwanda interrogated Didas Gasana, Editor of the weekly African language newspaper Umuseso for eight hours. Gasana now fears extrajudicial abduction or a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Read at http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/291281

Jared Cohen Meets Paul Kagame: Strategy Or Tactics?

John Jantsch of Duc Tape Marketing writes
"See, here’s what I’ve discovered over the years of working with small business. Most strategy is guessing and while you need to start there, your strategy isn’t worth much until you get out there and throw some tactics at it, listen to the real world and and then change your strategy to meet reality. If you sit around trying to create reality in your garage you’ll never be right."

Last week Jared Cohen has started a #rememberrwanda campaign on twitter. I was wondering what this member of the Clinton policy planning staff was working on, trying to figure out what his objectives were. Today we read on twitter that he met Paul Kagame in New York:
"President Kagame and I talked about importance of translating Rwanda's domestic innovation into a leadership role on the continent"

Every one knows Paul Kagame's objectives. He is making sure he stays in power. But what are Jared Cohen's objectives? Is he just playing around at the policy planning staff, or has his twittered meeting with Paul Kagame some strategic meaning. One of his predecessors at the policy planning staff Zbigniew Brzezinski said once "The purpose of planning policy is to fuse thought with action. That imperative guides us today". Sofar it seems Jared Cohen is working on the "Kagame apology" strategy which will make sure the US administration won't lose face in the eyes of public opinion while it continues it's uncritical diplomatic support to an autocratic dictator in central africa (who will soon be implicated by a UN report on the hutu counter genocide in Congo) during the last months in the run up to the august elections.

The more I think about it, the more Jared Cohen and Paul Kagame having dinner together starts to look like two guys "sitting around trying to create reality in their garage". Sooner or later reality will catch up with both, in the meantime I encourage all great lakes bloggers to continue to throw some more tactis at it. Continue collaborating, continue linking, continue blogging while following the courageous example of the Congo girl in New York who got up at the Tribeca Film Festival and
"asked Kagame about the genocide in the Congo."
"He (Paul Kagame) said he didn't know."

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Call press and human rights defenders if Frank Habineza is arrested

Frank Habineza, Chair of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and President of the African Greens Federation, asks the international community to prepare to protest if he is arrested on his way home from Holland to his home in Rwanda's capital, Kigali. 

April 25, 2010.  Please call Human Rights Watch if Rwanda Greens leader Frank Habineza is arrested on his way home from Holland to Kigali, Rwanda on 04.25 and 04.26.2010.   Call even though Rwanda gave Human Rights Watch 24 hours to get out of the country on Friday, 04.23.2010.  

He should arrive in Kigali at 12:55 P.M. on Monday, 04.26.2010. 

Habineza was elected President of the African Greens Federation at their convention on 04.18.2010, but three officers within his own party turned on him five days later, so he has begun traveling home early, from Afrikaday, where he gave a speech about democracy in Rwanda, to address their allegations and reorganize with other Rwanda Greens.  Frank, his wife Edith, his sons Godwin and Victor, and supporters fear that Rwandan security may arrest him at an airport, as he tries to pass through customs in the next phase of  harassment and repression in the run up to this year's Rwandan presidential election.  

Rwanda arrested presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza on Wednesday, April 21st at her home in Kigali, and her Rwandan support team thank pressure from the international community for her surprise release on bail the next day.   

Habineza said that he will call friends when leaving Amsterdam, and he's been urged to start posting updates to Facebook, and to Twitter, as he passes from one stage of his journey to another, from airports in Amsterdam, Nairobi, and Kigali to his home.  
Emergency alerts are one of the best uses of Twitter, social media's short form. 

Supporters of peace and social justice in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region of Africa should be ready, should Frank be arrested, to post the news and call for his release, on social media like Facebook and Twitter, and to contact press, Amnesty International, http://www.amnesty.org/en/contact, and Human Rights Watch, http://www.hrw.org/en/contact-us.

Rwandan presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza's team thank international pressure for her unexpected release on bail on Thursday, April 22nd, and ask the international community to sustain the pressure.  
Bernard Ntaganda, presidential candidate of Rwanda's Parti Social-Imberakuri feels that his arrest, in Kigali, is imminent as well, and asks that the international community prepare  to call for his release as well.   

Friday, April 23, 2010

U.S. lawyers to defend Victoire Ingabire, first female presidential candidate in Rwanda – jailed by President Gen. Paul Kagame

Supporters of Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza have a Search Engine Optimization effort underway, to increase Victoire's Google page rank, and thus visibilty, on the Web.  

Here's the latest Victoire story going up on the blogs of Victoire supporter around the world:

U.S. lawyers to defend Victoire Ingabire, first female presidential candidate in Rwanda – jailed by President Gen. Paul Kagame

No Rwandan troops in the D.R.C.? Maybe there are no U.S. troops in Iraq or Afghanistan either

Frank Habineza, Chair of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, and President of the Executive Committee of the African Greens

Frank Habineza, leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, was elected President of the African Greens' Federation's Executive Committee on Sunday, 04.18.2010, five days before three of his top party officers defected amidst the deteriorating political situation in Rwanda, including government shut down  of the African language press, and the 04.21.2010 arrest of opposition candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza.   The Rwandan government continues to prevent the Rwandan Greens from registering to contest the August 2010 presidential election. 

Three top leaders now defecting from the embattled party accuse party leader Frank Habineza of lying:  

"He also alleged that Rwanda . . . had deployed troops in the DRC, which everyone knows, is not true."     ---Rwanda's New Times:  Rwanda:  Top Green Party Officials Defect  

Rwanda New Times scribe Kennedy Ndahiro actually wrote that down, just like that.  No commentary.  

Maybe there are no U.S. troops in Iraq or Afghanistan either.  Maybe it was all a bad dream. 

Today a flurry of text messages from Rwanda reported that Human Rights Watch researcher Carina Tertsakian has been ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jared Cohen Should Be Tweeting...

Anna Gueye my new twitter friend found a very valuable interview (in french) with a Rwandan journalist and documentary maker living in Canada, François Bugingo (That's what Jared Cohen should be tweeting). He gives a very balanced explanation of Rwandan politics today. Allthough it's in French, I would like to point you to the story online "Rwanda, the war that won't die" (which is also the title of his documentary) and the interview on youtube.

I especially appreciated his remarks about the contribution of the diaspora to the debate on Rwandan politics and Rwandan history. I have so often read derogatory remarks on what the diaspora writes about Rwandan politics. It's very rare to hear someone talk with so much respect and love for his country and the Rwandan diaspora.

In the meantime Victoire Ingabire is arrested and the same day Jared Cohen starts some #RememberRwanda campaign on twitter (a coincidence?). Jared Cohen is a Member of Secretary Clinton's Policy Planning Staff who
"has become a specialist in the use of technology to advance American interests throughout the world. During June 2009 he intervened to keep the Twitter network online, delaying scheduled engineering work, so that supporters of the Iranian opposition candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi, favoured by the U.S., could continue using the network to plan anti-government activities ""(wikipidia)"
I tweeted him:
interesting timing of your #RememberRwanda tweet, while ignoring solid facts concering Kagame's massive Killings in Congo
To which he tweeted back:
@coloredopinions to look at remembrance as a zero-sum game with other events in the world is a very dangerous line to take.
I can understand the desire for oversimplification of history in US Government circles. Their desire to ignore or minimize the crimes that were committed by Paul Kagame's soldiers inside the Congo (and before that in Rwanda). The role of the State Department in the great lakes region could also be put into question at some point in the near future. And it could be indeed a very dangerous line for some people who work or who have worked at the Pentagon once we understand why investigation of RPF crimes in the great lakes region has consistently been hampered by the US administration.

Jared Cohen has apparently been appointed by the State Department as high priest of the use of new technology in advancing US interests. He seems to have translated this as him tweeting on our behalf. So if you have any advice on what he should be tweeting about in the near future, write it down below or send him a tweet...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rwanda arrests presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza; Rwandans call on the international community to speak out

Rwandan presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza, arrested 04.21.2010.

Rwandans and international supporters of peace and social justice in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region of Africa are racing, on three continents, to respond to Rwanda's arrest of FDU-Inkingi presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza.  

Today I wrote a brief introduction for the San Francisco Bay View, National Black Newspaper, publication of this letter and 5-point call to action written by Aimable Mugara, a Rwandan exile living in Toronto:

Rwanda arrests presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza; Rwandans call on the international community to speak out

The SF Bay View now has a "translate" button and the machine translations will no doubt be imperfect, to say the least, but hopefully, it will help spread the news beyond the English-speaking world.

Rwanda arrests presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza

Rwandan presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza, arrested April 21st, held at Kicukiro Police station. 

The Rwandan FDU-Inking Party's announced that their presidential candidate, Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza, was arrested on the morning of April 21st, and taken to Rwanda's Kicukiro Police station.  They have called upon the international community to come to the aid of Mrs. Ingabiré and peaceloving Rwandan people:



Brussels, 21st April 2010

Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza: icon of the struggle for freedom, democracy and justice in Rwanda arrested

UDF-Inkingi Support Committee demands her immediate and unconditional release.

The UDF – Inkingi Support Committee condemns in the strongest terms possible the arrest this morning of the party Chair, Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, for her views on how to bring about genuine national reconciliation and peace through the rule of law and equal opportunity and how to end the cycle of political violence through a non violent, peaceful democratic competition for and exercise of power. We know that this violent arrest will not deter her determination, instead its prompts the struggle of this freedom icon to a higher level.

It is a tragedy for Rwanda that a call for justice for all Rwandans irrespective of political and ethnic affiliation and for an all inclusive national dialogue to give their views on how to put in place institutions that reassure every Rwandans is turned into accusations of: genocide ideology, divisionism and collaboration with a terrorist organisation FDLR.

Such a barbaric and unlawful act against a peace loving mother who braved the system to show that there is another way to bring about lasting peace and development in Rwanda is not only a challenge to the conscience and dignity of the Rwandan people but also to the international community, in particular foreign governments who are sponsoring the government.

It is an irony and a challenge to the international community that this is happening at a time when the Governor General of Canada, a lady herself and whose government was not only at the forefront of countries that sponsored Rwanda to join the commonwealth on the grounds that it meets democratic standards and other values of that organisation, is visiting the country. During the visit she is scheduled to meet the women and men of Kibirizi and participate in a discussion on the growing participation of women in Rwandan society.

We call upon governments and peace loving people and organisations to support us in getting our chair immediately and unconditionally released.

For the UDF INKINGI Support Committee Eugene Ndahayo, President.

This report has also been posted to Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza's blog, http://victoire2010.skyrock.com/.

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Media And Democratic Development

Joshua Trevino, co-founder of Redstate.com, gives some advice on understanding new media as political tool. The second video makes me aware of the very interesting subject of "Organizational citizenship behavior". On wikipdia we read that The political aspect of citizenship consists of three elements: (1) obedience; (2) loyalty, and; (3) participation.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kagame rules Rwanda like the family ranch

Rwandan journalist Godwin Agaba

The San Francisco Bay View, National Black Newspaper agreed to publish Rwandan journalist Godwin Agaba's editorial on this year's Rwandan presidential election, so-called, including this highlight:

What is clear though is that Paul Kagame, having commanded the forces that he says ended the genocide and helped restore order in chaotic Rwanda, has embarked on a self-destructing campaign. He will stop at nothing to make himself clear and louder to all that Rwanda belongs to him and only he knows what is good for the country. He does not even appear bothered by the idea of ruling the country as if it is some family ranch, because according to what he knows, he is popular, charismatic and knows his country’s history better than anyone else. And who are we to challenge him? What exactly do we know? To him we are rejects who should either shut up or put up with whatever nonsense is being paraded as long as we rise up at the end of the day to toss to the monsieur – only this time, in English!

I wrote an introduction to Godwin's piece, to make it comprehensible to Americans unfamiliar with Rwandan politics, and Godwin and I shared a joint byline, but the point was letting Godwin speak for many of us who have been following this, both on the Kagame family ranch and off:

Rwandan President Paul Kagame wants a safer Rwanda … safer for whom?  (Click to read.) 

After six months of covering the Rwandan presidential election story, since the beginning of October, I'm all but through, because there isn't going to be anything like a real Rwandan election, just another day on the Kagame ranch, with EU election monitors serving as wranglers.   

Who Ordered The Killing Of Hutu Refugees In Congo?

Paul Kagame has invited bloggers to prepare questions ahead of the "Tea Party" Blogger event in Edmond Oklahoma.

Here is my two cents:

Just before the outbreak of the "second Congo War" the UN passed a resolution concerning the crimes committed against hutu refugees inside Congo july 13 1998:
"The Security Council this evening condemned the massacres, other atrocities and violations of international humanitarian law committed in Zaire/Democratic Republic of the Congo and especially its eastern provinces, including crimes against humanity. In a statement read out by its President, Sergey V. Lavrov (Russian Federation), the Council deplored the delay in the administration of justice and called on the Governments of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda to investigate immediately allegations contained in the report of the Secretary-General's investigative team. It called on the Governments to bring to justice anyone found to have been involved in those crimes.The Council expressed its readiness to consider additional steps to ensure that the perpetrators of the crimes and atrocities were brought to justice"
 This resolution was based on a report by a special investigation team working directly under the Secretary General of the UN that investigated human rights violations and crimes against humanity in the DRC. One of the investigators and co-signers of the report,  Reed Brody, stated at the time:
"Some questions remain unanswered at the level of the United Nations (and here is the million dollar question, colored opinions):  Who ordered the mass killings of hutu refugees during the war,  Laurent-Désiré Kabila or Paul Kagamé?"

Beneath I have some interesting further reading related to the investigation of these crimes. The investigations have continued. If you have any interesting links for me, post them below.

The New York Times has an article  about the team of United Nations human rights investigators here.

 An aid worker replied to a report in the guardian in september 2007 about a massacre that occured in Shabunda in 1997:
The silence behind the Congo massacre

Ruaridh Nicoll's report ('The hidden massacre', Focus, last week) is the first account I have seen of the mass killings of Hutu people at Shabunda in eastern Congo in February 1997. I was by that bridge in May or June that year and I asked a villager about the killing. He thought that more than 1,000 people had died at that spot.
What Nicoll does not go into is the international context of these killings. While France trained and supported Hutus who became killers before and after the genocide of 1994, the British and Americans supported the Tutsi army in exile and in government.
Reports of the massacres and starvation of refugees made by an American missionary were ignored and, in effect, suppressed. The Anglophone policy seemed to be that it was necessary to defeat the Hutu paramilitary Interahamwe in exile lest they reinvade Rwanda, but the great majority of the victims of this policy were innocent women and children.
The United Nations was guilty of negligence amounting almost to complicity in this counter-genocide. As far as I know, this wider story has not been investigated. It should be.
Jasper Elgood
Dolgellau, Gwynedd
 The guardian reported back in november 2007: 

"The United Nations is preparing to send a 16-strong team into the Democratic Republic of the Congo to map human rights abuses, 11 years after 200,000 refugees disappeared and following a continental war that has cost the lives of an estimated four million people. "

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rwandan journalist Deo Mushayidi imprisoned without bail

Deo Mushayidi, former President of the Rwandan Journalists' Association

On April 12, 2010, a Rwandan court refused to grant bail for Deo Mushayadi, co-author, of Les Secrets du Génocide Rwandais-Enquête Sur Les Mystères d'un Président (The Secrets of the Rwandan Genocide-Investigation of the Mysteries of a President).

Story at Digital Journal.

Kagame Meets Bloggers In Edmond Oklahoma "Tea Party" Setting

Paul Kagame invites bloggers and great lakes researchers from across the US for a Tea Party like event in Oklahoma. For just an afternoon Edmond OK will be at the heart of the Great Lakes political "tornado season". Don't miss it!!!!

Payne Activity Center at the Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond Oklahoma: April 30, 2 Pm.
A great opportunity considering the fact that  Lawyer Kurt Kerns from Witchita Kansas (two hours drive from Edmond Oklahoma), has been on a fact finding mission, trekking through Tanzania, Congo and Burundi, visiting refugee camps to find witnesses that can prove 83-year-old Lazare Kobagaya  from Kansas did not participate in mass killings during the genocide in Rwanda and that he is falsely being accused by Kagame's regime.

Great opportunity also for researchers and bloggers that don't have the time to travel across Africa like the experts Jason Stearns  (former UN Expert) and  (wannabe UN expert) Nicholas Vysny (China refused, probably because he didn't have a blog like Jason),

Thanks to the muzungu guide to the universe we get an idea of Nicholas Vysny's work:
The Congo, like Somalia, is what poliscientists call a “failed state”…i’m you sure you all know but there’s LITERALLY no rule or law or government and of course no stability. His lecture really put into perspective the rwandan genocide in the context of the crises of the Great Lakes Region, an area that has been through atrocity after atrocity for the past many years. After the RPF invaded Rwanda in october of 1990, and defeated the government to stop the genocide at the end of the summero f 1994, allied with Uganda in 1996, they invaded the congo (Zaire at the time… which means “authenticity”..Mobutu rejected anything western including banning certain styles of dress) to overthrow Mobuto—who supported Hutu Power. They instated Laurent Kabila who they hoped would be a fruitful leader..alas like so many other corrupt and greedy people put into a position of power, he did not turn out to be much better than Mobutu . In terms of its relationship to rwanda, it was mainly Tutsis who were fighting in the allied rebel forces to defeat Mobutu. The RPF is alleged to have committed mass atrocities throughout the Congo , including mass killings of Hutu refugees along the border towns of Congo and Rwanda . In 1997 Kabila completely turned against his Rwandan allies and rejected the Tutsis who had fought with him to try and restore some form of control in the Congo. This paved the way for the Second Congolese War, which people call Africa’s World War…considering it’s called this it’s remarkable how few people actually paid attentiona nd continue to pay attention to what is going on in...
So for bloggers, researchers and other US citizens who don't have the time or money to travel across Africa and would like  to ask Paul Kagame some questions, don't despair.He is coming to town!

He has invited all bloggers from across the mid west and beyond to sit down and have a tea party event in which he will openly discuss the concerns that have risen concerning human rights violations, the killings of hundreds of thousands of hutu refugees by the RPF in Congo, the lack of democracy in Rwanda. The closing down of free press and the killing and disappearance of opposition figures.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Paul Kagame blames you and free speech, on the 16th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

On April 7th, 2010, in his address at the Kigali Memorial Center, Rwandan President Paul Kagame blamed "you," a conveniently flexible and expandable category, and all those calling for political space and press freedom, for the 1994 Rwanda Genocide, in which a million Rwandans died. This is the English language section of his English and Kinyarwanda address particularly concerned with press freedom. For the entire English language section of the address, click http://bit.ly/9ssPeO. One week after this address, on April 14, 2010, Kagame's "High Media Council" shut down the independent African language newspapers that most Rwandans depend on. See http://bit.ly/ckL5Dm

Meer dan Dooyeweerd Alleen

 Volgens Kuiper in 'EO op zaterdag'  biedt de ChristenUnie antwoord op vragen wat de ziel van de samenleving is.De burger is ondanks de welvaart ontevreden over de politiek. Dat is volgens hem voor een deel te verklaren vanuit het zoeken naar identiteit:
 ,Als je luistert naar PVV stemmers, dan hoor je vaak “het moet maar eens anders”. Ik zie dat als een mislukking van partijen in het centrum om een nieuw verhaal te vertellen over waar we naar toe gaan met Nederland.”
Zoals ook in het artikel "The State As Unifier" valt op dat hij sterk de nadruk legt op "de natie staat" als onderdeel van de oplossing voor integratie problemen. Hij durft de stelling aan dat de staat voorziet in de behoefte aan cohesie en integratie. Hij voert Dooyeweerd aan als de grondlegger van deze gedachte.Tegelijkertijd geeft  hij toe dat bij Abraham Kuyper juist een sterk wantrouwen tegen "de staat" leefde. Aan het einde van dat artikel komt de aap uit de mouw waar Roel Kuiper zelf naar toe wil:
"National identity arises through the intercourse of a community of citizens under the leadership of a state. It is because of this that the USA can state that it is a ‘great nation'. Dooyeweerd's view of the role of the state in the formation of a national political community is highly relevant today -not only to the issue of racial integration within nation states such as the Netherlands, but also to the integration and governance of the peoples of the European Union."
Het valt op hoe hij hier de nationale identiteit als oplossing aandraagt voor het oplossen van integratie problemen. Als hij echter verwijst naar de Verenigde Staten dan moet hem toch niet ontgaan zijn hoe de raciale tegenstellingen daar niet opgelost zijn door het benadrukken van de "greatness" van de verenigde staten, maar dat het juist nauw luistert bij het invullen  van die "greatness". Martin Luther King geeft in zijn speech "Drum Major Instinct" de oplossingsrichting ook van raciale segregatie aan als hij Jezus citeert:

"But so shall it not be among you: but whosoever will be great among you, shall be your servant: and whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all."
Als het eerste kamerlid het begrip nationale identiteit verder invult door te stellen dat kiezen voor Nederland betekent kiezen voor een bruid uit Nederland , en dat de grenzen voor importbruiden dicht moeten omdat "deze personen de groei en ontwikkeling van de samenleving remmen", dan krijg je een beeld bij het type "greatness" waar hij op doelt als hij verwijst naar de Verenigde Staten.

Het is opvallend en tegelijkertijd teleurstellend hoe éénzijdig hier door Roel Kuiper gekozen wordt voor de Reformatorische Wijsbegeerte (Dooyeweerd) als enige oplossingsrichting in het debat over integratie. Alsof Christelijke politiek geen andere bronnen heeft, zowel in Nederland als daarbuiten.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rwanda shuts down independent press

Umuvuzi  Editor Jean Bosco Gasasira said, "Almost 70% of Rwandans speak only Kinyarwanda, not English or French, and only 3% have internet access, so without these tabloid newspapers, they will have no independent news for the next six months. All they will know of the election is what the government newspapers tell them."  Article at Digital Journal, http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/290545http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/290545

Beautiful Times In Great Lakes Blogosphere

The online heated and lively debate surrounding the elections in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo is continuous illustration of Adam Singer's wisdom: "Why You Need Enemies"

This week we witnessed the "coming out" of Laura Seay, assistant professor of political science at Morehouse College, as author behind the increasingly succesfull blog texasinafrica.

We witnessed Keith Harmon Snow and Jason Stearns getting into a fierce online guerilla on how great lakes blogging should be done.

In the meantime a simmering source of heated debate is brewing over "Mbandaka".

Strategy and timing are everything when you pick a fight, you got to know when to release your "Basenji's" ,  but you also got to know when to "stock your diamonds into a vault." as Terrierman's explains on his wonderfull post "Basenji's, Diamonds and Magic Meat":

Almost everything the diamond industry tells us about their product is a lie. For one thing, diamonds are not particularly rare. They are found all over the world  (just as Basenji's) and in such quantities that the only way the diamond cartel can keep prices up is by putting more than 70 percent of all diamond production into a vault.

The online consensus (I can feel it) seems to be that the biggest threat to Kagame's rule now comes from Nkunda supporters within RPF ranks (with some friends you don't need ennemies, Paul). Have we been overlooking the Mushakipager blog by Antoinette Kankindi as paradoxically the most effective anti-Kagame new media initiative after all?

In the meantime if you are in the "Big Apple" take a look at Sammy Baloji, who was born in Katanga, "photomontages and stark photographic renderings vividly depict “The Beautiful Times in Katanga” the coming week @ Sidney Mishkin Gallery (I hope he didn't leave out the bad and the ugly as for instance the ethnic war against the Baluba's from Kasai in the nineties).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sarkozy's Vist To Rwanda Was A Mistake

Bernard Lugan reproaches Sarkozy the fact that he ignores the historical reality when he says: "I incline myself in front of the genocide of tutsi's", which is historical incorrect. The genocide was not a genocide of tutsi's, but a genocide of Rwandans.

It would be better if Sarkozy had inclined himself for the victims of the Rwandan genocide. Bernard Lugan explains that the ICTR has now revealed that the historical facts we now know proves that there were hutu and tutsi victims, and also french victims.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Koerswijziging ChristenUnie

De huistheoloog Van den Brink zet voormalige koers van ChristenUnie op het terrein integratie neer als "multiculti" en "naïef".

Van den Brink schrijft in het ND vandaag dat hij blij is dat de ChristenUnie
ook over rechts kan omdat men intern afgerekend heeft met "de onkritische multicultibenadering", stelt Van der Brink (lijstduwer ChristenUnie):

En kon men voorheen wel eens de indruk krijgen dat de ChristenUnie wat naïef opereerde inzake de integratieproblematiek, sinds Gert Jan Segers een nieuwe richting gaf aan de bezinning daarop is dat veranderd. Zonder de christelijke grondwaarde van de gastvrijheid uit het oog te verliezen wil men tegelijk stevig inzetten op de plicht tot inburgering en serieuze participatie van nieuwkomers in de samenleving.

De CU zal weliswaar niet zo gauw met de SGP zeggen dat Wilders een punt heeft, want men heeft Wilders niet nodig om de risico's in te zien van een onkritische multicultibenadering. Segers woonde lange tijd in Caïro, is zich zeer bewust van de cultuurverschillen met Nederland, maar wist vanuit zijn ervaringen toch haarfijn aan te wijzen waar ook voor onze rechtsstaat mogelijke risico's liggen. Met de terechte koersbijstelling die hij inzette, neemt de ChristenUnie Wilders dus wellicht juist enige wind uit de zeilen.

Wat de woorden concreet betekenen is te lezen op de website buitenlandsepartner: beperking van gezinshereniging.

Van den Brink zal toch echt met meer onderbouwing moeten komen dan dat Gert Jan Segers in Egypte gewoond heeft om het draconische beleid inzake gezinshereniging te rechtvaardigen.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just So I Won't Forget: Dutch Top Poet Nico Dijkshoorn

House poet of the most popular Dutch tv program "The World Turns Crazy", Nico Dijkshoorn, recollection of a concert by James Brown in the village house of Kalantsoog, somewhere to the north of Amsterdam. Very funny, hard to translate, mixing English and Dutch.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rwanda Genocide: Honoring the Dead without Honoring the Lies

The Nyamata Memorial in Rwanda, pays tribute to the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Rwandans killed during the 1994 genocide.

Rwanda Genocide: Honoring the Dead without Honoring the Lies

I published this article in Fog City Journal, which is read by San Francisco's powerful, Democratic, political elite, and by many of the rest of us out here in the cheap seats.  I considered getting this piece into FCJ, along with a link to last week's KPFA Radio News about the 16th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide a local victory in the battle for consciousness about Rwanda the wider war in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.    

The San Francisco Bay Area consumes more of Rwanda/Congo's resources than the Rwandan and Congolese people.   That's a no-brainer.  All one need do is consider the defense and electronics industries clustered here, before considering all the cars, oil and natural gas, diamonds and gold, and more.  All the hybrid cars and the natural gas power plants need cobalt. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

KPFA Radio News on the 16th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

More images of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide:

Congo Statue Valued At 80.000 Euro's In The Netherlands

This week a Congolese statue made the most popular Dutch tv show "the world turns crazy" with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. Willem Meijer bought the fetish statue a long time ago, 35 years ago in Breda (Dutch city), for just 50 guilders. Some weeks ago he participated in the Dutch tv program that evaluates the price of art and antiques "kunst and kitch", and he allmost fell of his chair when he heard that current value of the statue is 80.000 euro's.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kagame Saved By Dutch Weather

Kagame should thank the Dutch weather committee this week. Rwandans living in the Netherlands protested at the Dutch parliament as several blogs reported:
"As it is raining ... most of them are gone," said Rwandan, Lin Muyizere, one of the protesters. He said there were easily seventy people or perhaps even eighty. “Now we are only a small forty…”
As we have seen during the election campaign in Gabon, African diaspora voiced their opinion in Paris and Washington DC, hoping for some outside support to their opposition candidates. Europeans and Americans will consider these protests as some "far from my bed show" (translated Dutch expression). Great Lakes politics is such a mess, who to turn to for an impartial and balanced analysis?

Looking back at the Gabonese election process I consider Bernard Oyama to have the most balanced approach. He anticipated the inevitable Bongo victory and used his campaign to promote his fashionable clothing shop in Harlem New York.