Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Run Rena Run!

by Ann Garrison


Haaretz headline, 03.07.2010:

Report: DNA tests support Zimbabwe tribe's claim of Jewish roots

Yarmulkes, abstention from eating pork, ritual animal slaughter, circumcision, and Stars of David on gravestones reported among the Lemba people of Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Rena Ali responds:  "Uh-oh. . . now Zimbabwe is the Israel of Africa?  Kagame's gonna be pissed." 

I keep trying to persuade Rena, who is a few hundred thousand times more conscious of Africa than most Americans and their Congressional Reps to reconsider a run in Indiana's Third District, against Republican Mark Souther, especially now that Senator Russ Feingold, D-WI, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Africa, may lose his Senate seat to former Illinois Governor Tommy Thompson.  

On March 2, 2010, Senator Feingold read the Feingold Statement on the Fragility of Democracy in Africa, addressed to President Barack Obama, into the Congressional Record.  

Feingold called on donor nations, including the U.S., to insist on political and civil rights in Rwanda, now, in the runup to Rwanda's 2010 presidential election, in which only one of the three viable opposition parties have, as yet, been allowed even to register

Re the Feingold statement, see Black Star News: Political Heat as Election Nears

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