Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Uninvited Egyptian Blogger

Update of my previous post on the "Nine Egyptian Bloggers" invited by the Dutch foreign ministry to tour the Netherlands.

Faisal Mirza, ( follow him on twitter @faisalmirza ) of the Dutch muslim immigrant website "wijblijvenhier" has the first actually picture of these Egyptian bloggers here. (If faisal Mirza pictures has all the invited Egyptian bloggers, there must actually be 12)

I am using the jump break here for the first time, I know I am slow

But according to the online newssources that I could find here , here and here there are actually eight Egyptian bloggers touring the Netherlands, let this post therefore be dedicated to the "uninvited Egyptian blogger", Bloggers like Wael Abbas, who are harrassed and closely monitored by the Egyptian authorities: :

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