Saturday, March 6, 2010

Should Obama Visit Congolese Cinquantenaire?

In the run up to the celebration of the Congolese Cinquantenaire we have now seen three Belgian ministerial visits to Congo. Both visiting vice-prime, ministers have declared the Belgian King should attend the Congolese celebrations. The president of the government of Wallonie has allready said he will attend the celebration of Congolese independence. It's obvious the king of Belgium cannot stay home, allthoug some pretend it's still uncertain. More interesting off course is wether US President Barack Obama will show his face at the Congolese Cinquantenaire in june.

In the meantime Anthony Holmes, Deputy to the Commander for Civil-Military Activities United States Africa Command , told journalists in Belgium that "under Obama Congo has become the top priority for American Africa policy".

The US has a lot of backlog in showing the world it's genuine commitment to peace and security in the great lakes region. After years of uncritical support of Uganda and Rwanda's military dictatorships which resulted for example in the RPF's killing campaigns in eastern Congo, the pentagon has apparently decided on new priorities.

Too bad we don't get to know the reasons behind this change. US military are pretty active in forums and blogs on the world wild web (who doesn't remember the great blog "killing time in iraq"). Sofar I haven't found anyone commenting on this major priority change. Have you?

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