Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rwanda An Open Prison

The reason Ingabire can't leave the country is probably what she said when she came back to Rwanda as hungryoftruth wrote earlier:

"Mrs. Ingabire has never denied that genocide took place in Rwanda and has always advocated for justice for all and equal opportunity for all Rwandan citizens. Here is what Mrs. Ingabire declared about the Rwandan genocide upon her arrival in Rwanda last week: "We totally agree and are conscious that there has been a genocide against Tutsis and we seriously and continuously advocate that all those who were responsible be brought before the courts of justice. We also agree that there have been other serious crimes against humanity and war crimes[against Hutus]; those who committed them have to bear the legal consequences. We must all the time remember those tragedies, make sure they don’t get ever repeated. We also need to ensure that people’s lives are effectively and strongly protected by laws"."

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