Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Party Blogs

During the Republican primaries in the US, I closely followed Mike Huckabee's grasroot campaign (I am now actively following Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza's campaign in Rwanda, allthough Kagame (this guy has soo much blood on his hands) seems to have allready decided that she is no candidate).

Some Quotes of Mike Huckabee's Supertuesday victory speech, thanks to jews 4 Huckabee):
"You know, over the past few days a lot of people have been trying to say that this is a two-man race. Well, you know what? It is. And we're in it!"

"Tonight, we are making sure America understands that sometimes one small smooth stone is even more effective than a whole lot of armor...."

"Now, it's tough for this old Razorback to say things like roll, Tide roll, but I'm doing it tonight. And it's tough for this old Razorback to look over there to the state just to the east of us and anticipate being able to say that we're, too, Volunteers. I think before the night is over, I'll even be singing "Rocky Top."...
He did a great job and I liked his speeches ( for example this one in New Hampshire), where he "thanked the weather committee". People like former South Carolina Governor David Beasley and Marco Rubio were ardent Huckabee supporters as well. I remember a picture of Marco Rubio canvassing cars in New Hampshire for Mike Huckabee. And off course Huckabee's criticism of Bush's "bunker mentality" foreign policy (rejected by Condoleeza Rice in public). Looking around in Europe for a politician that has some similarities to Mike Huckabee I immediately think of Michel Daerden of Liège.

Through "the Huckster's" campaign I came across a lot of Huckabee supporter blogs, most of them didn't last long, but one stood out, it was Kevin Tracy's blog. Kevin Tracy loves blogging and loves politics. I continue following his journey through the Tea Party movement. It's an intriguing movement in relation to how fringe groups can influence political processes through new media. It's a very loosely organized movement, but seems to have a strong impact. Apart from Kevin Tracy, I know that the redstate blog is an important part of it too.

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