Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rwanda News Agency reports arrests for Kigali bombing; government blames interahamwe

The state run Rwanda News Agency published this report that Rwandan Police have arrested two men and that they have claimed, within less than 24 hours that "all the evidence" points to the guilt of the Interahamwe.

Interahamwe accused by Govt. of grenade blasts  

"By RNA Reporter
Saturday, 20 February 2010 12:42

Kigali: Police is holding two men alleged to be behind the three grenade blasts in Kigali on Friday evening – and already knows which group exactly is behind the blasts, RNA reports.

At around 19:40, three blasts rocked three different but very busy areas of Kigali leaving one person dead and more than 30 others injured. The first grenade exploded at Rubangura area close to a new magnificent skyscraper under construction.

Another grenade went off just minutes later at the popular Chez Venant restaurant, about 400 meters from the first blast scene. Chez Venant is popular with foreigners and the local rising income class. As news started flowing about the attacks, it emerged that another bomb had gone off at the Nyabugogo bus and taxi park.

All the three places attacked are busy at the time the blasts happened, as public taxis pack there. Residents of Kigali board taxis to different places around these areas – which explains the large number of the injured.

Police is already pointing fingers. There is no doubt that the interahamwe are behind this terrorist act targeting innocent people, said Police Spokesman Superintendent Eric Kayiranga. “They are continuing with their plan from 1994 to kill innocent people.”

He said two men had been arrested immediately at one of the scenes, adding that “all the evidence” shows the interahamwe are behind.

The Interahamwe are the Rwandan rebels fighting in DR Congo, under the name of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR). Some of the rebels are accused by government of taking part in the 1994 Tutsi massacres."

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