Friday, January 15, 2010

Petition to save Mumia Abu Jamal

The U.S. Supreme Court was scheduled, on 01.15.2009, to hear the Philadelpha District Attorney's appeal to reinstate Mumia Abu Jamal's death sentence without another sentencing hearing.  No further news yet, as of Friday evening, 01.15.2009.   Please circulate this letter and petition to save his life, and please sign:

Dear All,

Robert R. Bryan, the head defense lawyer for Mumia Abu Jamal and Mumia himself, have initiated a worldwide petition to Barack Obama asking him to take a public position.

Please sign the petition

It is absolutely necessary that as many people sign this petition in an effort to stay the hand of the executioner. Please take the time to try to save a life.

We have campaigned for years to try to get Mumia a fair trial. The Supreme Court has slammed that door in our faces. Throughout his "career" on death row Mumia's case has always been an exception. At every step of the way through the different levels of the appeal process, there has always been an exception made for Mumia's case. At one point Amnesty International declared in its pamphlet about Mumia's case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's judicial scheming leave "the disturbing impression that the court invented a new standard of procedure to apply to one case only: that of Mumia Abu-Jamal," Temple University journalism professor Linn Washington aptly dubs this and subsequent court decisions denying Mumia a new trial "the Mumia exception." That exception has continued to prevail since.

There is the possibility that we can break this exception. There is always the risk that the exception becomes the rule. As Dr. Martin Luther King once put it, "Injustice anywhere in the world, is a threat to justice everywhere in the world."

Help us roll back this "exceptional" treatment. Please sign the petition and pass it on to others.


George and Doris Pumphrey,
Berlin, Germany

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