Thursday, January 14, 2010

Partnerchoice Sign Of Integration?

It has become the consensus among the Dutch political elite to openly say that choosing a partner from abroad equals unwillingness to integrate. The small Dutch coaltion party ChristenUnie's former scientific institute director Roel Kuiper recently stated:
sommige allochtone groepen zoeken nog altijd huwelijkspartners in het land van herkomst. "Is dat kiezen voor Nederland?"
Some (allochtoon= someone with one parent born abroad) groups still look for a partner in their country of origin. "Is that choosing the Netherlands?"
First of all I remind the readers that Article 8 of the European Treaty of Human Rights asks all the European memberstates to respect the family life of all it's citizens. Governmen interference based on the above doubts concerning the willingness to integrate are not mentioned as grounds to refuse these fundamental rights.

Secondly, "choosing for the Netherlands" is exactedly what the partner from the country of origin is doing. She or he is intending to move to the Netherlands and live with his or her spouse here in the Netherlands.

But apparently "choosing for the Netherlands" means something else in Roel Kuiper's mind. Apparently a good citizen should choose a Dutch partner. And he praises the efforts of the Dutch integration minister Albayrak to limit to a maximum the number of foreign brides from Turkey and Maroc. On a sidenote, in practice this sounds very similar to the interference in family life during communism. The protection of family life by the European Treay of human rights and fundamental liberties (article 8) is clear: there are only very limited reasons government interference into family can be acceptable. The reason of not "choosing for the Netherlands" is certainly not one of them. Nobody moving from the UK that moves to the Netherlands can be forced to "choose for the Netherlands".

Time is running out for the Dutch politcal elite to show their willingness and their good faith concerning this major subject of "immigrant integration". As Huckabee said in his speech "paths and priorities in the war on terror", European countries, because of their homogenous populations, are not readily integrating outsiders. THAT is the problem, Kuiper's views (he certainly is not original) are merely symptoms.

It shows lack of backbone and lack of character to go with the flow and forget what Groen en Kuyper (ideological father and founder of the antirevolutionary, christian democratic party in the Netherlands) have proved in the past:
"In onze isolement ligt onze kracht"
I won't translate these famous words by Groen van Prinsterer. In my opinion it means that citizenship is not defined by what public opinion or the current consensus wants us to believe. Citizenship in Groen's eyes is defined by a belief that is consistent and has intrinsic value. The idolisation and idealisation of Dutch culture and Dutch values should be condemned strongly by all who want to remain faithfull to the antirevolutionary heritage.

Abraham Kuyper creatively applied the principle "Isolation = Power" in his 30 years ascendance to power (He finally became prime-minister at the beginning of the 20th century). To understand his method, read the speech Maranatha: our Lord is coming! of which James D. Bratt says:
"No single statement better captures the themes, the tone, and the purpose of Kuyper's polits"
Let me give you just a small quote, you have to read the whole speech to understand it's meaning:
To us it is the decisive fact of the future by which not only our spiritual life but also our political course of conduct is utterly controlled. For what does the Maranatha cry imply? Just this: that, when the history of nations will have exhausted itself and cannot continue, the king anointed by God will appear to interven in the life of all nations and therefore also in the life of our nation, to strik his sickle also into the harvest of our national life, and to destroy the anti-Christian world power with the breath of his mouth.
A reference to this speech got Klaas Schilder (who in 1944 was ditched by the reformed elite) arrested during world war 2 by the German occupiers:
"Come, Lord Harvester, come hastily, come across the channel and across the Brennerpass, come from the ends of the earth and bring your harvest knife with you......"

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