Sunday, January 10, 2010

Michel Daerden, Socialist Superstar From Liège

Michel Daerden, Minister of pensions, elaborates about the progress he made, expresses himself in a very particular style and (gets accused by opposition parties of being drunk later). He is the leader of the largest political party (PS) in the French speaking province of Liège. And his video's are allways interesting and fun to watch. Most Dutch politicians could learn a lot from Michel Daerden. The grim atmosphere you encounter in the sessions of Dutch parliaments are sooo extremely boring. Wouter Bos (Dutch Labour Party PvdA) should visit his socialist neighbour in Liège sometime, exchange some ideas, might help him in the polls (if that is still possible). Michel Daerden has specific views on how a socialist party should adapt to modern day politics, and I am impressed.

Suddenly Michael Daerden reminds me of Emerson's Essay "Experience": we wake and find ourselves on a stair (Montagne De Bueren in Liège, 375 steps); there are stairs below us, which we seem to have ascended, there ar stairs above us, many a one, which we go upward and out of sight. But the Genius, which, according to the old belief, stands at the door by which we enter, and gives us the lethe to drink, that we may tell no tales, mixed the cup too strongly, and we cannot shake of the lethargy now at noonday."

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