Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eugène Shimamungu: "Ingabire's Crazy Week"

Eugène Shimamungu has published an insightfull and very critical article "The Crazy Week of Victoire Ingabire" on her return and campaign in Rwanda last week. His insightfull analysis of her first week "after touchdown" on his website is circulating everywhere on Rwandan diaspora blogs.

Eugène Shimamungu harsly criticized the organisation of her political campaign sofar. He touches on the subject of Victoire Ingabire's CV, which had been put on wikipedia with false data. The lack of use of new media, the absence of pictures of her first week, why doesn't she send updates on twitter? Why isn't her face visible on pics that were released by the party? He states: "It isn't normal that we depend on local media to receive updates". And he asks himself the question: "Is the team of five that accompanies her really competent in communication" and continues by characterizing her campaign with the word "amateurism" He ends with the pessimist phrase: "It is certain her campaign will drown in the wave of pro-government propaganda and her inscription by the electoral commission as presidential candidate will be used by Kagame to legitimize his victory in upcoming elections"

Eugène Shimamungu is editor and author of a number of books on Rwanda. He is the director of Editions Sources du Nile in Brussels. Listen to his interview with Dutch Based Rwandan Journalist Olivier Nyirubugara (who worked on several innovative projects relating to new media and Africa).

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