Friday, January 22, 2010

Entrepreneurial Journalism Links To Africa

On this week’s On the Media, Bob Garfield interviewed Jeff Jarvis about CUNY’s entrepreneurial journalism program and the idea of teaching journalism students business. In the transcript (thanks to "writeeditblog") we read that two of the main ideas being developped are
"Distributing radio shows in the student’s home state in Africa over the phone as phone calls"
"Serving the Ugandan diaspora in the US and the UK"
The creative mind behind the last initiative I managed to find back: Rebecca Harshbarger. She writes about her initiatve for the Ugandan diaspora on her blog "From Kampala to New York":
" I also got a grant from CUNY to start my Ugandans Abroad website and Africa Connections company, which launched at the end of November."

On the Knight Foundation website you can read more about the Ugandan Abroad initiative.

Is Charles Kabonero behind the "phonebank to Africa" initiative Jeff Jarvis mentioned? The New Times,Rwanda's ruling party-owned newspaper, recently dropped Grace Kinwjeh, she was the managing-editor, like a hot potatoe. Wasn't she supposed to become Zimbabwe's Ambassador to Sweden, what went wrong? We haven't heard of her since. Is she secretly "distributing radio shows" back to Rwanda from New York? I am sure Jeff Jarvis would have asked her "What Would Google Do" to get even.

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