Monday, January 25, 2010

Grace Kwinjeh and Paul Kagame's Common Enemy

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Grace Kwinjeh, member of Morgan Tsvangirai's political party MDC, has for several years been working in Rwanda as managing editor of The New Times, the RPF mouthpiece.
Grace Kwinjeh even attacked Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth in that propaganda outlet (Off course without giving him the chance to react).

Today she unleashed a vitriolic attack on opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

Online you will find enough information to understand that Grace Kwinjeh has been and maybe still is an important member of Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC. Ethan Zuckerman writes for example:
"In 1998 Grace Kwinjeh of the Zimbabwean Mirror was charged under LOMA for writing a story about a Zimbabwean solider, killed in the DRC, whose head was returned home without his body."

At first it seems a quite odd combination, a founding member of Zimbabwe's neo-liberal MDC of the Zimbabwean MDC supporting Paul Kagame's RPF. But if we remember the fact that in 1998: "Zimbabwe basically saved Laurent Kabila's hide in the Democratic Republic of Congo when it sent 11 000 soldiers into that country as it was under... "(Denford Magora) attack by Kagame's troups commanded by James Kabarebe, you will suddenly understand why Grace Kwinjeh and the RPF could have a common enemy: Robert Mugabe.

"False Reconciliation"

For those who are looking for an alternative news source on Rwanda today, read "False Reconciliation" by Susan Thomson.

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