Monday, January 11, 2010

Communicating with terrorist Roderigues Mingas

Alex Engwete posts an email from Roderigues Mingas on his french blog. For those who don't know, Rogerigues Mingas claims responsability for the cowardly murder, some days ago, of several members of the Togolese football team that was supposed to play a football match in Angola.

Alex Engwete posted to his english blog, asking French authoroities to arrest Roderigues Mingas. In the email this low life sends back he claims (sigh) Alex Engwete started his blog as part of a campaign to assassinate him. I just don't get how he wants people to believe such stuff. He probably tells that story to his friends to not lose face.

Yesterday we learned that France is aware of the statements by this individual and that they will take action on it. Today we learn that the Angolan government allready have arrested two individuals in relation to this crime. What are French, Luxembourg, Europe and interpol waiting for, get this criminal of the streets. How difficult can it be?

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