Monday, January 4, 2010

Afrosalons Across Europe

Have anyone seen this movie "Afrosaxons"? It has been out there a year now. A movie about hair and creativity among immigrants living in the UK, according to the guardian. The new Europeans are opening shops everywhere. In France and in the famous Congolese Matongé in Ixelles, Brussels, off course. But also across the Netherlands these "afrosalons" are poping up like mushrooms. In Leeuwarden, up north, you got the "afrosalon", but when you drive all the way south, in Maastricht, a city close to Liège, the biggest French city of Belgium, you will also find a "afrosalon". Drive back on the highway through Germany, all the way to Hamburg, the biggest harbour of Germany, you will still find a local"afrosalon". And these shops are gaining ground among European women, because of the quality of their work. Hairextensions and weaves, wiggs are becoming more and more popular. Just watch the stars on your tv set, look very carefully and you will notice that their long blond hair is real, but not their own. They probably went to their local "afrosalon".

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