Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dutch media "copy paste" Nebahat Albayrak's press release on abuse of free movement

When Nebahat Albayrak published a statement that could very well be interpreted as proof of Dutch unwillingness to comply with EU law and jurisprudence, as I have argued, all the Dutch media did is pass the statement on to the general public. The slanderous, but most of all shallow media coverage, by Trouw (the PKN, the largest Dutch protestant Church, mouthpiece that supports Balkenende, because otherwise they would supposedly lose subscribers), Elsevier (a weekly that for the last decade has systematically written negative about immigrants living in the Netherlands) and NOS (main and supposedly unbiased Dutch news source) alleged a connection between the use of European rights to free movement within the UE by Dutch citizens and fake relationships to obtain residence permits. De Telegraaf, a conservative newspaper, quickly removed their own story on this, they probably doubted wether they had the facts rights (Telegraaf is scoring some points there: better not write then copy paste some biased press release by the government's spindoctors). One vigilant observers filed a complaint. This resulted in the NOS changing one sentence:
"De Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst controleert sinds dit jaar strenger op dit soort schijnrelaties."
("The Dutch immigration services check more thorougly on this type of fake relationships")
"De Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst controleert sinds dit jaar strenger op dit soort constructies. Inmiddels worden verblijfsaanvragen op grond van deze Europese regels vaker afgewezen."
("Since this year the Dutch immigration do a more thorough check on these constructions. More of these requests based on these European rules have been turned down since")

Why would someone want to follow the news through channels that uncritically follow government interpretation, systematically disrespect immigrants living in the Netherlands or are just plain ignorant on the topic? These "news sources" have been very active in spreading the gospel of immigrants not integrating in society, I would appreciate it when they would croll back behind their desks and start studying the EU jurisprudence that has been growing over the last two decades with just as much zeal. Go to work you bums!!! Start "collaborating through this incredible linking platform" as Jeff Jarvis recently wrote in his "entrepreneurial journalism class report"

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