Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rwandan Green Party fear oppression from the undemocratic Rwandan government as mysterious "leaked" report appears

 Africa scholar, and friend David Barouski posted this analysis of news we'd both received from Frank Habineza, Interim Chair of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, which continues its struggle to register and participate in Rwanda's August 2010 elections:

"Last week, the Rwandan newspaper Umuseso published a story with the names of 2 senior people alleged to be behind the Rwandan Democratic Green Party: Patrick Mazimpaka (former Deputy Chairperson of the African Union's African Commission, and former Special political Advisor to President Kagame) and Col. Joesph Karemera (former Rwandan Minster of Health and Minister of Education). This information reportedly came from a "leaked" intelligence report submitted to Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Last weekend, the Rwandan newspaper Umuvugizipublished more details and names. Below is the original article Umuvugizi and its translation from Kinyarwandan and the 256 News article. WNJ did not translate the document and therefore cannot take responsiblity for any errors contained therein. There is also another article below that originated from Uganda's 256 News Agency carrying the same information.

This is potentialy very bad news for the Greens because RPF party and RDF army officials are on the list. Many of these individuals have had a falling out with the RPF/RDF and some are considered dissidents and have been illegally detained in the past. According to Green Party sources, none of the names listed are members/supporters and they never have been. They fear the state will use this information as a political weapon to stigmatize them through the fallacy of assocation with RPF supporters who consider those listed as dissidents and also members of the general public who do not support the RPF. Green Party members also fear arbitrary detentions, torture, and oppression of their right to peacful assembly, as well as freedom of speech and press as they have experienced in the past during their peaceful assemblies.

The Green Party plans to hold its National Committee meeting on December 24th to discuss how to respond to these false allegations. They plan to hold a press conference and provide a press release before the end of the week to refute these allegations."



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