Monday, November 23, 2009

Dutch Government Threatens Rembrandt Expert

Balkenende has been in power since the 2001 elections. His main achievement is ever stricter laws against immigrants. One of the tools to close the borders for immigrants has been the "integration law". Last week the story broke that the Rembrandt Expert, Jonathan Bikker, from Canada has received a threatening letter stating that he has to follow this integration course or face grave consequences. He explains in the article that he got his PhD at the University of Utrecht and that he has a European partner. Especially this last fact should have been sufficient for anyone who is no stranger in immigration legislation in Europe. But most Dutch Government officials, encouraged by the (social democrat) ministers of integration and immigration, consistently refuse to correctly implement those laws. Jonathan Bikker with clear anger in his voice:
''Ik wil hier vanaf. Het kost me veel kopzorg en vrije dagen. U moet me gewoon m'n werk laten doen, daarvoor ben ik in Nederland.''
which can be translated as "I want to get this of my back, it costs me a lot of worries and time, U should just let me do my job, that's what I am here for in the Netherlands".

Balkende consistently portrays himself as a moderate, but in fact Dutch Government policies tell a very different story. The total lack of respect for immigrants is rampant in society, at work and in political parties. Bashing immigrants as "backward trash" and talking about immigrants living in the poor neighbourhoods of the big cities as a multicultural disaster has not stopped since. Most large newspapers and all political parties share these statements.

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