Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kick Ivan Kagame Out Of Westpoint

The article "The Current Forced Brain Drain from Rwanda" has a long list of Rwandans that have fled the country because of the current military dictatorship in place there since more then ten years. One of them, Eugène NDAHAYO, wants to return to Rwanda in order to participate in the electoral process next year, but Rwanda has refused to hand him his passport, which is a clear sign that Paul Kagame is commited not to democratic development, but to military dictarship:

"Eugene Ndahayo was Director of Cabinet of the then Minister of Information Jean-Baptiste NKULIYINGOMA in the first RPF led government put in place on July 19, 1994. At the moment of his fruitless attempt to get application forms, he produced a copy of the Presidential Order published by the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda appointing him Director of Cabinet among other papers."

I don't see how the US can let Paul Kagame, or the current RPF military junta, get away with this and I ask the US President to send a clear message to Rwanda by expelling Ivan Kagame from Westpoint.

Stuart Symington, current US ambassador to Rwanda, has a long history of supporting democratic development in countries to which he has been assigned. I hope he takes his duty seriously in Rwanda, makes use of his experience, and won't be fooled by the killer from Kigali and his clique.

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Ivan kagame said...

I don't agree...Ivan is a nice guy...you sound jealous and bitter.