Sunday, October 18, 2009

Global Greens follow Rwandan Frank Habineza on Twitter

by Ann Garrison

Frank Habineza, interim leader of the
Rwandan Democratic Greens--"habinef" on Twitter.

I just posted this message and link to the top of my Facebook page, on Sunday 10.18.2009, in San Francisco, California:

"I'd like to urge Green and human rights Tweeters to follow Frank Habineza, interim leader of the Rwandan Democratic Green Party, for the sake of Frank's and other party members' safety, and, for political rights in Rwanda.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame's government should know that Greens and other human rights activists are watching Frank and the Rwandan Democratic Greens, especially during the next two weeks, as they continue their struggle to register as a political party with a ballot line, and convene in Rwanda's capital city, Kigali, on October 30th, despite have been shut down by the state three times.

Please post to your Facebook pages, websites, e-lists, and/or blogs, and urge others concerned with political rights, in Rwanda, Central Africa, and beyond, to do so as well.

Canadian, Australian, European, and African Greens have all spoken out for the Rwandan Greens, and some have spoken to Rwandan Embassies. We're waiting for a statement from the Green Party U.S.A., but this is not just about Green Party rights; it's about political rights, and the safety of those fighting for them."

LGBT human rights are also at issue, to say the least, in Rwanda, where official policy has long been that "homosexuality does not exist." Frank Habineza told me he would try to contact members of the LGBT community willing to speak to press outside Rwanda, but also said that "they are so beaten down here that they are very hard to find above ground."

Frank Habineza is also on Facebook.

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