Friday, September 11, 2009

Dutch Government inaction in fighting extremism

Recently the Dutch minister of immigration, Albayrak, stated that she has given order to the Dutch immigration services to not comply with existing EU jurisprudence concerning returning Dutch citizens and their family members. On the basis of a statement made by the European commission she infers that suddenly European Laws should be interpreted in a new and very creative way. Where did she studied law, is the first thing that comes to mind. Or is it just a way to reach the top in the hierarchy of the Dutch Labour Party PvdA?

The right to family life is a fundamental right (European Treaty of Fundamental Rights and Liberties, article 8), which the Dutch government and justice system have chosen to disregard. The Dutch institutions consider the interpretation of this treaty open to discussion, even though consistent interpretation by European Courts made it clear that only in specific cases the entrance of family members can be denied or suspended. Regarding family-reunification the Balkenende government can be considered extreem and out of line with , even though it's actively seeking support for it's excentric position on this issue. Citizens

Balkenende himself consistently refuses to make a statement concerning the possibility of cooperation with the PVV, political party of Geert Wilders, after the next election. This is consistent with his earlier position concerning Pim Fortuyn. It is clear that right-wing extremism is on the rise since Jan Peter Balkenende has come to power in the Netherlands. A Cordon Sanitair would not work, is what the mainstream Dutch policy makers and journalists continue to say, but the fact is that right-wing extremism has become rampant and mainstream since JP came to power.

Today we learn that Guusje ter Horst, Minister of the interior, has said that she wants to tackle radicalisation of the resistance against detention and expulsion.

She stated literally: "The illegal resistance against asylum- and immigration policy have grave consequences for the victims and the society" and continues that ''for the Dutch Secret Service, AIVD, asylum related extremism is a priority because it possibly is a threat to our democratic order.''

This tough language from the Minister of the Interior stands in stark contrast with total inaction and absence of any clear policy concerning a large right-wing and discriminatory movement. Total lack of initiative concerning discrimination of minotrities in the workspace, diversity management. No sense of urgency concerning the integration of migrants inside political parties. This government lack of courage starts to become more and more apparent.

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