Saturday, September 5, 2009

What do we do after the latest bout of violence has been twittered, or #ushahidi-d?

Dibussi Tande asked this question in his contribution at the DCI'09 (Digital Citizen Indaba 4.0) in South Africa.

The situation in Gabon and Iran looks somewhat similar to the lost election of Al Gore to George W. Bush. Democratic grassroot frustration canalized itself through Daily kos and other social media initiatives.

Diaspora, as we see with the supporters of Pierre Mamboundou in Senegal and France, are very motivated to participate in the political process of their country of origin.

Emeka Okafor writes ,on his popular blog africaunchained, about grassroots political mobilisation in Nigeria. It seems that African bloggers are rapidly discovering the potential of new media for democratic development across the continent.

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