Saturday, September 5, 2009

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda Roundtable

Peter Erlinder, UN-ICTR Lead Defence Counsel, wrote a bookreview of the book "Madame Prosecutor: Confrontations with Humanity’s Worst Criminals, and the Culture of Impunity by Ambassador Carla Del Ponte with Chuck Sudetic. In this review he shows that the US, through it's representative Pierre Prosper, made sure that war crimes committed by the Rwandan Patriotic Front under command of Paul Kagame were not being persecuted but covered up:

"Prosper must also have long been aware of the RPF crimes that were being investigated within the Office of the Prosecutor. Rather than a discussing “cooperation,” the Rwandans demanded Del Ponte end all investigations of Kagame and the RPF. Prosper apparently went farther and asked her to turn over her investigative files to the very government she was investigating and presented Del Ponte with a “draft agreement” and intimated that she should sign on the spot. She would not. Later the same day, Prosper again approached Del Ponte and informed her that she would not be re-appointed to the Rwanda tribunal and that her mandate at the Yugoslavia tribunal would be for no more than two years. According to Del Ponte: So now, it was not just the Rwandans who were involving themselves in blackmail…I had just refused to refrain from bringing indictments against a number of Serb generals. And here I was refusing to cede the tribunal’s authority to investigate the Tutsi-dominated RPF. These prosecutions, in one way or another, involved disturbing a developing political status quo that people in the diplomatic community wanted to develop further."

Carla Del Ponte is from Switzerland and it's therefor not surprising that:
"Early in July, the Geneva Academy and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda hosted a roundtable that basically consisted of an appraisal of the work of the Tribunal. Many of the individuals who have contributed to its success were present, including the two previous prosecutors (Carla del Ponte, Hassan Jallow), defense counsel, judges and academics. Court reporters make a record of the proceedings, which are now available ...."

as Prof. William A. Schabas writes on his blog.

Currently, Prosper holds the position Of Counsel in the Los Angeles office of Arent Fox LLP, and serves as a trustee on the Boston College Board of Trustees.

April 14 2005:Rwandan President Paul Kagame greets University President William P. Leahy, SJ, and University Trustee Pierre Prosper '85 prior to giving his speech ''Rwanda an 'Oasis of Stability' at Robsham Theater. (Photos by Lee Pellegrini)see original post and picture at Boston College Chronicle.

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