Wednesday, September 9, 2009

French President under fire for his support of the Bongo family

Update: Join the sit-in at the Elysée september 12 to protest against the "help of France in Gabon's election rigging" organised by the guardian angels of Africa.

Since the rigged elections in Gabon, Barack Obama ("Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions.") has still not congratulated Ali Ben Bongo. The king of Maroc and the President of France, Sarkozy, have. At this critical point in time when Ali Ben Bongo's electoral victory is still not recognized by the world, Robert Bourgi, pillar of the "Françafrique" and close to Nicolas Sarkozy explains this monday how Omar Bongo, and several other African leaders, including the Congo Denis Sassou Nguesso, had obtained the departure of Jean-Marie Bockel, who as Secretary of State for Cooperation and "La Francophonie", had dared to criticize the "Françafrique".

Omar Bongo was particularly displeased with Jean-Marie Bockel's policies. Bourgi then contacted the French President and asked to intervene with Nicolas Sarkozy. Heir to the "dark African networks" of Jacques Foccard and unofficial adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy, Robert Bourgi, is a French lawyer of Lebanese descent.

"I went to see the president at the Elysee Palace in the presence of (Claude) Guéant (Secretary General of the Elysee) and I gave him a strong message and veiled threats from President Bongo", Bourgi said in an interview on RTL Monday. "He told me, 'Tell Omar and other leaders that Mr. Bockel will leave soon and will be replaced by one of my friends and a friend of Mr. Guéant'. He gave me the name asking me to keep it to myself, "


Indeed during a formal speech delivered on January 27 in Paris, Jean-Marie Bockel then French Secretary of State for Cooperation and Francophony, strongly criticized the management of oil revenues in Africa before announcing that he wanted to " sign the death certificate of Françafrique.

"One of the first barriers to the development of Africa is poor governance, squandering of public funds, neglect of administrative structures fail, the predation of certain leaders", had that day declared Bockel. "What happens to oil revenues? Why don't people receive these things? Is it right that our development assistance is allocated to countries that squander their own resources? ", He had launched to the public mainly composed of French officials in charge of the Franco-African cooperation. "I want to stop the interference of those that President Sarkozy has qualified Cotonou unofficial envoys who have no mandate".

In the reshuffle of June 23 following his speech, Jean-Marie Bockel, who also had difficulties with Bernard Kouchneur, is fired from his position and replaced by Alain Joyandet, another close friend of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Upon his appointment Alain Joyandet said in an interview with International magazine: "With the representative of the President of the Republic, we went to see Gabonese President to say that between France and Gabon, there was no problem and that our friendly relations which have existed for a long time are still relevant, we want to continue to work with Gabon as in the past. ". At "20 Rue Monsieur" the word "Françafrique" is banned.

... there are several doors in the house of the father

Thus while France is currently the subject of sharp criticism and targeted attacks since the hotly contested election for president of the son of Omar Bongo, Robert Bougi managed himself to get into the spotlights again.

At the Elysee they stress on the one hand that the Quai d'Orsay is "the only legitimate voice of France" in diplomacy. On the other hand, it continues to maintain ties with its former colonies through links that do not always go through the usual diplomatic channels. "There has always been parallel diplomacy. "There are several rooms in the house of the father," said Robert Bourgi.

Long before the Gabonese presidential election, Robert Bourgi calling Omar Bongo "Papa" declared in Le Monde: "Ali is the only candidate of the clan Bongo". "He is my candidate and I am a very influential friend of Nicolas Sarkozy.

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