Thursday, September 10, 2009

CNDP will become a political party

UPDATE: Hundreds of ex-CNDP soldiers have deserted the FARDC, breaking the deal struck with the central Congolese government march 23, which says that the CNDP will transform into a political party.

: Two reports concerning war crimes committed by the CNDP of Laurent Nkunda, have come out yesterday. The report states that 67 arbitrary executions by the CNDP between october and december 2008, have been confirmed but that the actual number could well be much higher:

"High Commissioner Navi Pillay pointed out that the CNDP’s actions could amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity and “are part of a self-perpetuating pattern of brutality in eastern DRC which continues to go largely unpunished.

“I am deeply concerned that members of the CNDP who may be implicated in these crimes – especially Bosco Ntaganda, against whom there was already an International Criminal Court arrest warrant – are either still at large, or have even been absorbed into the FARDC.”

As mentioned on wikipedia, on march 23 the CNDP has agreed to become a political party in exchange for the release of it's imprisoned members. The website of the CNDP is hosted from the US and registered under the name of Vincent Mbera. The CNDP website
"has been used to contest investigations of
CNDP abuses by the United Nations and international human rights groups. has received over 242,000 visits since its creation;
(b) The websites ( and are an important vector for CNDP ideology. They are critical tools for public relations and potentially for fund-raising. The Group considers supporting such websites as “the provision of any assistance, advice or training related to military activities, including financing” , as set out by paragraph 1 of resolution 1807."
As written in the november 2008 UN Experts reports on the Congo.

The Group has written to these companies, informing them that their
support of the sites could be considered as support to a non-governmental
Congolese armed group.

The CNDP and it's CAUSE, as comrade Sharangabo Rafagari describes it, apparently it is the same CAUSE comrade Paul Kagame had when he started his "revolution". However, the revolution part of this deal will now inevitably be limited to politics.

The mushaki pager by antoinette also keeps updates on the DRC situation in Kivu.

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