Friday, August 14, 2009


The process of the Dutch prosecutor against Ahmed Issa has made it clear that the Dutch government is decided to put the blame of the fire 26 oktober 2005 in the Schiphol detention center for immigrants on one man, Ahmed Issa.

Survivors, family of the victims on the other hand want the government to accept full responsability for the fact that they built those detention centers without respecting security regulations. The highest court in the Netherlands has blocked the persecution of former justice minister Piet Hein Donner. Off course, he is a good friend. You don't persecute a good friend right. It is clear for an objective observer that Piet Hein Donner is guilty, and a case against him is filed at the European court Be sure that the survivors of this fire won't stop until Piet Hein Donner is brought to justice.

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