Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dutch expat working in Senegal

Akke Wagenaar writes on WereldExpat about her experience of moving to Senegal without anything. In 2007 she decides to take pictures of houses that are for sale and posts them on, a Senegalese version of ebay. Slowly but surely she makes herself a name in Yene and surroundings as a real estate agent. People call from all over the world, even Canada and the US and she decides to get her own website immo yenne buys a villa and a piece of land and works together with a Senegalese that was active in the market for sometime. She became active on Elance as well. And if she gets homesick (She is Dutch), she watches dutch tv through the internet.

There is a train from Dakar to Bamako, jaimie doing a Phd in political science, she writes about stopping half way at some place called Kayes on her blog bamakoliving. There is also a blog about West Africa lifestyle madeinmine by Fatimata Ly from London. Tom and Lisa also write about Bamako and Dakar on their blog. I found this random video from a taxi in Bamako ( instantané le monde), it made me think of the song "fatimata se promène en taximetre..."

Talk of the town these days is about the "Biennale de la photographie de Bamako" from 7 to 13 november 2009. I hope some of the pictures and video's will be available online.

Fanie Jason (Afrique du Sud), Carters on the Way to the epping scrap yard, Série Cape Carting, Biennale de la photographie, Bamako 2005.
© Fanie Jason

The diaspora from Gabon in Senegal meets in favor of Presidential candidate Pierre MAMBOUNDOU as written on the website of the UPG (probably Union du Peuple Gabonais)

Read here about the trip in a Merdeces 208 Sprinter from France (september 10) to Bamako and even further to Ouagadougou. That means the roads aren't that bad all the way through Maroc, Western-Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Mali and Burkina Fasso. Did I forget some country?

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