Friday, August 14, 2009

Did Kagame's death squad kill Danny NDAHIRO?

Paul Kagame, or Paul for his Ugandan rebel buddy Musiha Muntu, is being accused by UWATUMARA Claire (They apparently like capital letters in Rwanda) of a whole list of crimes.

UWATUMARA Claire is seeking asylum in Malawi because her husband was assasinated beginning of july 2009, according to her story. Let's see if The New Times will write about this story.

A very lively debate has started online on the actual existence of Danny NDAHIRO.
A journalist, Amiel Nkuliza, has confirmed his existence and a large part of her testimony.

Another Rwandan dude from Belgium is blogging about it too.

Sharangabo Rufagari, who on this website never substantiated his slanderous accusations against Robert Krueger, thinks off course that Danny NDAHIRO doesn't exist. Very convincing, and off course he knows all the RPF soldiers.

A white man named Richard is also mentioned, which could be Richard Haavisto.

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