Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Deputy Mayor of The Hague: immigrants from Eastern Europe are not welcome!

Update: some pictures of the beauty of The Hague to forget about politicians.

Deputy Mayor Marnix Norder writes today in a national newspaper "Trouw" that he fears a new "migrant drama", referring to the book "multicultureel drama" written by social democrat Paul Scheffer. The reason he has fears is that he has listened to "citizens" and has heard a lot of complaints about Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants in the poorer neighbourhoods. He thinks the feelings in the poor neighbourhoods is that the floodgates are opened to foreigners and that explains the rise of Geert Wilders in the European parliamentary elections.

He says "though he is no Eurofoob, this is Brussels fault" and that "an integration course for these immigrants should be mandator. He would prefer "that the borders would be closed for these immigrants".

Apparently politicians of the Dutch Labour Party are in panic because of the European elections results. This guy, Marnix Norder, a career politician, is wildly hitting around thinking he might get back some PVV voters. What strikes me is the lack of legal or statistical backing for his claims.

A report from the CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics) shows that due to international organisations in The Hague the number of western immigrants in The Hague will go up.
The share of western immigrants will go from 10% in 2005 to 20% in 2025. The share of non-western immigrants will stay around 30%. So his claims of a new wave of poor immigrants are only based on what he heard in the neighbourhoods and contradicted by this report.

Secondly the rights of Eastern European immigrants to stay in the Netherlands is guaranteed by European laws, and will not be changed. That is a fact and he should explain the fundamental rights of these citizens to these socalled "citizens" that complain about Eastern Europeans moving. Marnix Norder should go into the neighbourhoods and say: I got news for you, these people are European citizens and have the fundamental right to move in and to speak their own language. They can't be forced to follow some "integration course".

The Dutch Labour Party is riding the wave of xenophobic politics. This will only lead to more division and more unrest. If Marnix Norder really had any concern for his constituency and for the citizens of The Hague he would start by explaining reality, not spreading rumors and inuendo. I hope his constituency in the "City of Peace and Justice" gives him what he deserves at the next election: Defeat!

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