Sunday, June 28, 2009

Obama: not my celebrity

Barack Obama's arrogance of power, in Honduras, is tacky, tacky, tacky. A huge ugly cliché for our superficially, sartorially, stylish, celebrity prez. Someone should call Thomas Pink, the exclusive British shirt brand, which commissioned a poll of 3,000 guys and then declared Obama more stylish than Brad Pitt. Call and point out that Obama just generated another wornout, neocolonial, yesterday's headline:

Obama Calls for Order as Honduran Military Arrests President

An American Prez who uses a School of the Americas graduate, in this case Honduran General Romeo Velazquez, to covertly overthrow a Central American prez, in this case Honduran Prez Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, and then, calls for order, as though he himself were the Central American Prez, might as well drive a Cadillac, smoke cigarettes, fart at the dinner table, slap his wife and kids around, hawk clean coal, and, span the globe with military bases, toxic military waste, and a grossly bloated, lethal Armed Forces, while his own people suffer.

Not my president, not my celebrity, not my style.

'Did you want John McCain?' someone's sure to ask.

(Yawn.) Don't be uber-ridiculous.

Or: 'Are you a racist?'

(Snoozzzzzzzzzzz.) Don't be tedious-oroso. I wanted Cynthia McKinney in 2008; I want Huey Freeman, in 2012, to retrieve America's global image from the torture chamber of history, and close both the School of the Americas and the Africa Cener for Strategic Studies , a "Department of Defense Initiative. . . affiliated with the National Defense University" in Washington D.C., a.k.a., the School of the Americas' sister school for teaching assassination, torture, police statesmanship, imperial puppetry, and, coup d'etat management, to Africans.

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