Monday, May 18, 2009

World Congress on Art Deco Montreal

May 24-30 the World Congress on Art Deco will take place in Montreal. Allready newspapers in Canada have started publishing articles in anticipation of this important event. The Toronto Star published an article on Nine Floor Eaton's Restaurant. This story was picked up on twitter by Katerine Rollet, a famous restaurant blogger from Montreal. The Montreal Gazette writes about the history of Art Deco in Montreal and Sandra Cohen-Rose, who organizes the event describes the particularity of Art Deco in Montreal. The website "images Montreal" has an impressive list of Art Deco buildings on it's website. Pierre Chantelois, a blogger who has long been on my blogroll, lives in Montreal and recently started a blog about the beauty of Montreal. He is planning to blog about the event. In february I blogged about this event because I digg Art Deco. I also found this wonderfull flickr page on Art Deco in Montreal. I hope you digg Art Deco too. Write about the Art Deco Congress on your blog or comment here with links to pages that have pictures of Art Deco that we all would love to see.

Let me start by giving you the link to a blogpost on Art Deco in Brussels by Martina MacGreevy on the trendy blog from Brussels: "Plinth&Chintz". Apparently Belgium is celebrating this year it's independence from The Netherlands, and is organizing many activities and walks to celebrate it's architecture. Once you are tired of watching Horta's Art Deco creations in Brussels, you can still go down to the Congolese district Matongé, Ixxel, and eat some Kamundele or Kabry at Mpoko or another Congolese bar. Drink and dance till dawn, as one student at the Université Libre de Bruxelles writes on his blog. If you want to read more about the Congolese community in Belgium, this blog in French might help.
UPDATE: Montreal Gazette's Art Deco Gallery

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