Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uranium poison in Navajoland

by Ann Garrison

The Navajo Nation land includes famously scenic mountains,
mesas and canyons spread over three states in the
Four Corners area. United States corporations mined
uranium all over Navajoland, without care for the Navajo
people after World War II, as it built its nuclear
power, weapons, and war machine.

This is a cross post of my own story, "Uranium mining and weapons poisoning on the Navajo Nation, on Examiner.com. I first encountered the toxic legacy of uranium mining in Navajoland, in the Southwestern United States, and it has since led me to study its consequences elsewhere, most of all in indigenous country in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Africa.

Earlier this month the Navajo Nation won a victory in a U.S. federal appeals court, which defended their ban on uranium mining, the only indigenous assertion of sovereignty of its kind.

Anyone who might be persuaded by the argument that nuclear power is a clean, green "solution" to global warming should consider the first step in the nuclear process and its consequence to indigenous peoples and their environments all over the world.

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