Friday, April 3, 2009

Paul Rusesabagina invited to The Hague

Allthough Gerald Caplan probably disapproves, the scientific institute (Evert Vermeer Stichting) of the Dutch governing labour party PvdA has invited Paul Rusesabangina as the main speaker to it's anual "Afrikadag"april 25th in The Hague. Paul Rusesabagina, the man who inspired the Hollowood Academy Award winning film Hotel Rwanda, is active in promoting human rights worldwide, but especially in Rwanda. During the "Afrikadag" he will look back on his experiences during the genocide and will he comment on the human rights situation in Africa today.

Last year at least 400 hundred Rwandans and non-Rwandans gathered in The Hague-based UN Court of Justice to talk of Peace in the Great Lakes Region. Despite a fierce opposition of the government of Rwanda and Tutsi diaspora organisations, the conference took place without any incident.

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