Friday, April 10, 2009

Give me back my bike

In the Netherlands one of the rare jokes about the German occupation is the fact that the fleeing soldiers took our bikes, so the dutch when they see a German allways think: "Hey, give me back my bike". Today the "breaking new" here is that one former soldier after 65 years is feeling guilty and is looking for the owner of the bike he stole, he has made a donation to the Saint Catharina Parish in Nijkerk.

He sets a good example. Every year hundreds of thousands of bikes get stolen and a lot of those end up in the canals that are so common around here. Which off course have to be fished out every year. I am allways very carefull to not park my bicycle outside at the trainstation, because no matter how good your lock, they can get it open in 2 seconds is what I have learned. I lost two bicycles in my life so far. How many did you lose?

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