Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dutch lead in fight for democratic development in Rwanda

The fight for democracy in Rwanda continues in the Netherlands where the leader of the Rwandan opposition gave a speech at the University of Leiden last week as reported in dutch on the website Superchange. Arend Jan Boekestijn, member of parliament for foreign affairs of the influential conservative liberal party VVD, continues his political crusade against the undemocratic rule of Paul Kagame. He has published articles in important media in The Netherlands: Elsevier, NRC and Volkskrant explaining his objections to budgetsupport and support in general to this dictatorial regime. The last article was published also on the new conservative liberal website "De Dagelijkse Standaard" and is called "The price of a bad conscience" The scientific institute of the Dutch Labour Party PVDA will host a conference on Africa next weekend, in which Paul Rusesabagina will be invited as main speaker. Paul Rusesabagina can be considered as the most effective opponent of the current Rwandan regime. He participated in a conference on the Great Lakes Region a year ago at the peace palace in The Hague. If anyone had told you at the time that Paul Kagame's regime would have lost allmost all it's credibility a year later, people would probably not have believed you. Kagame now practically stands alone. Finally the truth concerning the crimes committed by Kagame's RPF are coming out, as Robert Krueger, US ambassador to Burundi in 1995, predicted in his book "From bloodshed to hope in Burundi". Koffi Olomidi, a famous Congolese singer says "Truth comes by the stairs, lies take the elevator", and that is why 5 million Congolese had to die. I hope the US administration will also thorougly investigate and bring to justice those US soldiers who refused to investigate and were thereby instrumental in covering up RPF crimes inside Rwanda and the Congo.

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