Friday, March 13, 2009

Sudanese rebels recruting Rwandans and Ugandans?

The website "Alliance Nationale de la Résistance du Tchad" has put on their website a couple of hours ago the news that a Rwandan source in one of the African capitals is witnessing massive recrutement of Rwandans and Ugandans to fight the governments in Tchand and Sudan.

We will see if other sources will start confirming this. It is a possibility after Al Bashir was accused by the International Tribunal in the Hague and he started kicking the NGO's out of Sudan. The US has a history of supporting rebel groups in the region. Mister Winter who worked closely with Paul Kagame before he took over power in Rwanda, is now also busy in Sudan and I think I heard him say openly that he wanted the US to support rebelgroups.

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