Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sending money to Africa by phone: FADUGU

At a conference on the impact of the economic crisis on remittances I listened to a presentation by Leah Mansara of Fadugu. This company is working on a solution to send money to Africa by mobile phone. Immediately the idea of Fadugu made me think of Ushahidi, allthough it seems to have a very different objective.

The conference in the "moneymuseum" in Utrecht was a great success. The association AfroEuro in The Hague had put together a practical program that gives an overview of all the activities that are currently taking place in the field of remittances and capacity building through diaspora organisations.

A very usefull conference to learn from other diaspora organisations in Europe about setting up creative and innovative solutions in the field of migration and development, and to meet experts in the field. For all those that were not there, you defintely missed out, as Rhonda Mims of ING Americas could have said!

If you have enough courage, try sending some money through Fadugu, if the country of your choice is listed , take a look at their website.

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