Saturday, April 11, 2009

Koenders visiting Kagame tomorrow

Last week Obasanjo thanked Koenders for the pressure the Dutch government had exercised on President Kagame. The decision to cut budgetsupport, according to Obasanjo, has contributed to the decision by the Rwandan government to cooperate with the Kabila government in finding a solution to the conflict in eastern Congo.

What we all know is that this decision would not have been possible if not for Arend-jan Boekestijn's hard work. The PvdA was prepared to support Kagame. Only a majority of CDA, VVD and SP in the dutch parliament made it possible that Koenders had to cut budget support. I hope it is an important lesson for him and a lot of people in the development industry. Apparently that industry is more interested in receiving money for projects then doing the right thing. As Shanda Tonme said in his article "All Rock, No Action", a lot of money is only used in support of undemocratic ruthless dictators, the gang of corrupt businessmen that rules Africa in his words.

I am looking forward to the reports on the meeting between Koenders and Kagame. Let's see how the spindoctor from Kigali will use this event to his advantage.

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