Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kagame on hardtalk: Nkunda is our guest

Laurent Nkunda defended by Paul Kagame on hardtalk, saying we should put Laurent Nkunda in context. Stephen Sackur asks him: why did you turn on Laurent Nkunda? Paul Kagame: "I didn't. Why do you hold Laurent Nkunda? No legal basis, just political reasons. As a trade-off. Nobody say it is a trade-off. Are you prepared to hand over Nkunda to face war crimes trial in Kinshasa? Paul Kagame: "I am not confining myself to Nkunda, and the way you are pushing it, it is Nkunda is the problem. We are deciding that when time comes, in the right context. Laurent Nkunda, if you will, is our guest. He has his family to visit him."

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