Sunday, March 15, 2009

Economic crisis good for developing countries

Is there anybody out there that can explain why the economic crisis should have any impact on developing countries?

Because of the economic crisis in the Netherlands, the government will automatically spend less money on development cooperation while this budget is attached to the Brute National Product (BNP) as we say here.

There are allready a lot of the development aid organisations that start spreading lies about developing countries being affected by the economic crisis. Proof of the effect on Africa has yet to be brought to the table. In fact very few citizens in developing countries have money on the bank, very few work in the large companies affected. So how would the economic crisis have any impact on those countries? If anyone working in development cooperation could give us some good explanation.

What does have a negative impact on developing countries is war. Once the wars end, investment in African countries will go up. We witness that in Angola.

People in develment cooperation should listen carefully to what Shanda Tonme has to say in his article "All rock, no action" about the way money from the west is undermining democratic development.

The simplistic and arrogant view that developing countries follow suite when the western economies fall shows that those opinion leaders in the development industry do not really see the infinite opportunities that are there.

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