Saturday, March 14, 2009

D.R. Congo becomes D.R. Disneyland, for African children with foreign guns

Child soldiers take a ride, with foreign guns,
in D.R. Congo.

I just picked up this news, from D.R. Congo, dated 03.13.2009:
Rwandan leader says rebels in D.R. Congo.

This is garbage news about an absurd new Congolese and Rwandan coalition hunting down the Rwandan Hutu refugee army in D.R. Congo. It's a new version of news manufactured by U.S. State Department, then spread by allied governments, the United Nations, and obedient news outlets, on Barack Obama's Inauguration Day, January 20th, and since.

Until January 20th, Nkunda and the CNDP were described as the "rebels" fighting the Congolese Army and MONUC, the UN Peacekeepers. Now Nkunda's under house arrest in Kigali, probably sitting by the pool. The Rwanda Hutu FDLR militia are now the "rebels," in D.R. Congo, and the CNDP are fighting alongside the Congolese Army and the UN Peacekeepers to hunt them down.

Yeah, and D.R. Congo is D.R. Disneyland, awash in guns, wielded by child soldiers. I don't mean to be cavalier about ongoing tragedy, but all this absolute garbage reported about D.R. Congo so insults that a more patient deconstruction just wastes time, and plays into the hands of the U.S. State Department, and its allies, who keep pushing all this D.R. Disney News out there.

Rwanda said it was leaving D.R. Congo, but they're still there making way for formal Rwandan annexation, of southeastern Congo---probably the Kivus, but who knows what else? D.R. Congo's southeasternmost province, Katanga, with all its huge, dense reserves of copper, uranium, and, most of all, cobalt, is the grand prize. But multinational corporations, also own, and covet more, of all the oil, natural gas, rainforest timber, diamonds, gold, platinum, coltan, cassiterite, zinc, nobium, molybdenum, and many other minerals, in D.R. Congo, as well as the enormous hydro-power potential of the Congo River.

Rwanda's army fights in D.R. Congo to advance U.S. and allied imperial interest, controlling Congo's mineral and natural resource wealth, and the excuse is the same as ever---hunting down the FDLR, who are now "the rebels" hunted by the former "rebels," the CNDP, in the newly, U.S.-constructed, anti-rebel coalition.

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