Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Crucial Role of Migrant Worker Rights in a Vibrant Democracy

In the context of the European parliamentary elections I would like to once again point your attention to this article on the WMD (World Movement for Democracy) website on the relationship between migrant worker rights and democratic development. It is obvious that this is linked to the European Parliamentary elections, while free movement is at the core of European integration project:

"Migrant worker rights activists, trade union activ­ists, and NGO activists from 17 countries gathered to discuss the implications of labor migration on the practice of democracy in both countries of origin and countries of destination, recognizing that ignoring migrant worker rights is a major threat to democracy. Moreover, respect for migrant worker rights and the participation of migrant workers in democratic pro­cesses in both countries of origin and destination expands democratic space and is a powerful force in economic development."

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