Monday, March 30, 2009

Anders Fogh Rasmussen sacrificing Roj-TV for candidacy?

Anders Fogh Rasmussen was seen by many as the hero of free-speech because he refused to limit free speech during the cartoon controversy. But now we read in this article that he wants to take action against a kurdish radio station, not because it is supporting the PKK, but because he has to become the NATO secretary.
Danish state prosecutors have been dispatched to Ankara to have talks with Turkish officials about Roj TV and legal evidence pointing to its organic links with the PKK, a group designated as terrorist by the European Union. Turkey has long been pressing Denmark to act against Roj TV, but Danish authorities have responded slowly, saying legal aspects of the issue have been under examination.

This shows once again this man is not to be trusted at the head of the alliance. If Denmark really thought the station was a problem, they should have taken action against it long ago. Not now suddenly when Turkey can possibly block his candidacy.

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