Monday, March 23, 2009

Anders Fogh Rasmussen denies EU citizens fundamental rights

Rasmussen said on August 27th 2008 that he didn't want to abide by EU Law on immigration: ``Denmark's immigration policy is not going to change; the voters need to know that the law holds,'' Rasmussen told voters in a speech last night in his constituency of Greve. ``We're going to the EU to change the rules.''

In other words Rasmussen is attacking the fundamental rights of every European citizen to free movement. The speech Rasmussen gave on 27th of August makes it clear he is not fit to be president of his own country, let alone be secretary general of the NATO. The reason Rasmussen does not want to implement EU-jurisprudence is that he wants to give in to xenophobia in his own country. apparently he wants to treat immigrants in Denmark as second class citizens, thus encouraging the extrem right wing parties that are strong in Denmark. The fact that he does not understand the basic principles by which the EU functions and his disrespect for immigrants by refusing migrant workers within the EU their fundamental rights, is enough reason to make sure his candidacy for secretary of the NATO ends up in the trashbin.

I cannot understand why people would ever consider him for a job involving any other member state of the EU. He is refusing EU-citizens their fundamental rights in Denmark, why should he be representing any other EU memberstate within the NATO?

Once again, Turkey should torpedo this candidacy and all the other EU-memberstates should make it unequivocly clear that Denmark cannot openly refuse to implement EU-jurisprudence and get away with it. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, by his speech on August 27th 2008 should have torpedoed any international aspiration that he might have. It's a disgrace that his name even surfaces for the position of NATO secretary general.

At this point commentators say Turkey won't use the veto, while it's affraid of the effects. But if Erdogan calculates well he should know that Rasmussen is a nobody that can easily be removed from the checkboard. Some NATO members can create a big fuss, but in the end it will possibly be advantageous for the political support of Erdogan's party at the next election.

Politicians that have surfed the wave of xenophobia that has spread across Europe over the last decade are no asset to the EU, to NATO, or to worldpeace in general, they are a liability and a disgrace.

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