Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama's internetmarketing intrigues Europe

Satyam Dorville, a french online marketing and strategy consultant writes in his blogpost "La stratégie Internet d’Obama" about the study that people are making of the Obama strategy during the Presidential elections in the US. Satyam Dorville considers two axes on which the campaign was built: crowdsourding the tasks of recruting gifts and recruting volonteers, second axe was the multicultural and vertical which adapted the message to the different niches.

At the same time Cem Basman, a seasoned internet entrepreneur and webactivist, writes on his popular blog "sprechblase" about the upcoming Politcamp09 in Berlin. This will be an exchange between internet experts, scientists, politicians and internet users on theory and pracice relating to politics and the internet.

Cem Basman expects a lot from this conference and considers it the most importan Barcamp in Germany of the year. He also expects it to have a strong impact on the next parliamentary elections in september.

He thinks that the politicians and parties in Germany are on the one hand fascinated with Obama's campaign. On the other hand they lack the courage to understand the worldwideweb as a chance. He hopes the politcamp09 will change that.

The approach Satyam choses to understand "the phenomenon" seems to me for now the most fruitfull. It's to step back and forget about the political side of the Obama campaign and focus on the principles behind it that seems to me the best way to be able to reuse this for other or even similar ends. If you understand french you can listen to the boss of Havas Digital giving his view on "it" at Satyam Dorville's site. Last week Igor Beuker and Paul van Veenendaal, both authors at Viralblog, were invited to speak at the SRM Guru meeting in Amsterdam to present the case study of Barack Obama’s brilliant brand interaction and great consumer connectivity program in front of 150 internetmarketeers. The main question was what brands can learn from Barack Obama? As you can see, Obama's internetmarketing is still the talk of the town in Europe.

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